Whoever ends up doing what he thought.. Santha Panchalingam

Canadian Tamil Chamber of Commerce Chairman Santha Panchalingam
In an attempt to give a permanent building to the Chamber,

Urumpirai which is high in the work of the men of the fertile soil, Santha Panchalingam was born in that land and fought with poverty and was able to touch the high heights of life today. This is the story of a man in the city of Toronto, many known as Santha Panchalingam. An electrician is a person who knows the power to solve the problems of water supply. He had been the ultimate service technician for tens of thousands of people, giving the best customer service in the days when communication facilities or Internet services were not available.

Although he was born in a peasant family, his early days had not been easy. After completing higher education, he responsibly carried out the burden of the family in order to alleviate the poverty of the household. During these hard days, He has been an assistant to Mr. Ponnuthurai and has grown into a specialist in the work of electrical repairs and water supply. The lessons he learned at that young age with pride and gratitude, has lifted him up so high on this Canadian land.

Mr. Santha Panchalingam fled from Sri Lanka and traveled through different countries to reach Canada. It is possible to work in the kitchen of a star hotel through the experience of starting and working at restaurants in Canada. When he worked there, he was able to express his expertise in the work of electrical repairs in the hotel. The manager, who observed the talent hidden in him, transforms the Santha Panchalingam in the kitchen to engage in maintenance services instead.

It is due to his dedication and commitment to achieve and increase the status of a maintenance manager from the level of normal maintenance assistants. He also set out to take up some of the fast-food booths by his good contacts during this period. It is a fact that many people do not know that this Electrician/Plumber is a person who owns some of the leading fast-growing restaurants and is a professional doctorate who provides employment to many.

Santha Panchalingam provides various assistance to the Canadian Tamil community and the people living in the motherland. He has provided support to various social welfare programs. He is the only one who has helped to raise himself to this point.


Santha Panchalingam, who will continue his second term as the leader of the Canadian Tamil Chamber of Commerce, has continued to employ himself in various projects of the trade and commerce. He has been a part of the Chamber of Commerce for more than 20 years and has been trying to win a permanent building for the Canadian Tamil Chamber of Commerce, which is almost touching the 30 year period.

Buildings are seen as an attempt to leave their identities to the next generation. If there is a permanent structure, the system will rise to a different level. The confidence of the organization will increase, said Shantha Panchalingam. We do not have the question of how a chamber of commerce, which has no permanent office or building, can show good ways to its members. The Canadian Tamil Chamber of Commerce is a part of a society that has to play the most major role. In particular, the social and cultural traditions of the society determine the strength of a community in a country like Canada where the rural communities live.

Despite the fact that many Tamils have been left in this land, as individuals, it is still impossible to show that we are the people of Tamil society and that this is the identity of our community. The Tamil Nadu, which has been a powerful force in the development of the major trade initiatives and the development and pride of all the other communities to understand and to be a part of our next generation of faith, To reach the status quo. It is the yearning of many who live here, and the first is a permanent building for the Chamber of Commerce.

It must be able to conduct business meetings in that building and to conduct meetings, small exhibitions, and workshops. It is an address that business entrepreneurs can seek to get their help and cooperation and to receive advice. It will consist of documents, evidence, and exhibits to understand the growth of our society by the younger generation.

The building will be used to illustrate a clear understanding of society and its development of trade. More than 5000 business efforts are being waged by Canadian Tamils. The trade agreement will be changed as a place to reflect and provide the knowledge of the new ones who want to engage in such efforts.

It is believed that this permanent building would be helpful to the Tamil business entrepreneurs to be confident that they would be able to get the assistance they had to go here, said Shantha Panchalingam. In a bid to get a better leader to take his example, Santha Panchalingam has announced that they will contribute 50,000 to the building. He has been making efforts to achieve the financial assistance of others by announcing his role in the implementation of the project among the heads of the president and taking the initiative.

His tireless belief is that any attempt to obtain a permanent building for the Chamber of Commerce before April this year should be successful. Although many business ventures have already announced their contributions, the Chamber of Commerce has not yet received financial contributions from them.

He is determined to obtain financial assistance only after the building is identified and confirmed. Santha Panchalinham notes that this decision is sure to be a result of the delay in the process of obtaining financial aid and delaying the implementation of the post plans.

The funds collected for various social programs in the motherland and here are being held in the ‘ private accounts ‘ or ‘ personal accounts ‘ in the past several years, creating a variety of doubts among the population. Many people who are really interested in this are reluctant to provide their cooperation. If all of the members of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, are to follow this precedent, the discontent that has arisen in our society will be in the balance and can carry out many attempts.

This man of the dream of, whose ability to handle memory and the energy and dedication of the mind, must be victorious. It is not only the dream of a single man; The enemy of society. A good starting point for tomorrow’s meeting. If made possible, the Canadian Tamil Chamber of Commerce will be in the building for its 30th anniversary.


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The Chamber of Commerce was led by Santha Panchalingam for several financial events. The picture was taken during the financial events of the Scarborough hospital.

The Canadian Tamil Chamber of Commerce awarded the Best Entrepreneur Award in 2008 and the 10 and 25 year Chamber of Commerce Awards

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Ari. A. Ariaran (Vice President Finance), Thipan Raj (Executive Vice President), Murali Sivaguru (Vice President of Internal Affairs), Thirusenthuran Sivapatham ( Director), Vina Devadas (Vice President Membership) Sumi Prabaharan (Director), Dilani Gunarajah (Past President), Santha Panchalingam (President), Christeen Seevaratnam (Vice President of Community Relations)